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Autumn Court

  • Major DreadAutumn King Ogre Witchtooth. A hard-edged and severe leader whose expertise with curses and pledges has made him adept at his primary function within the freehold — hunting down and punishing oathbreakers. Among the Concord, he serves as the draftsman and arbiter of laws.
    Changelings dread02 s
  • Isabella Borja – Beast Venombite/Skitterskulk. A gossip columnist for one of the local newspapers, Isabella has earned the ire of the Concord on a few occasions for her habit of printing juicy stories that border on the dangerous for some of the city’s supernaturals.
    Changelings isabella02 s
  • Alice & Edward Little – Darkling Moonborn & Razorhand. The Littles are never apart and anything they say is volleyed between the two as if they were sharing the exact same thoughts. Most who know them consider them the same creepy person.
    Changelings littles02 s
  • Nesrine Al-Bahri – Elemental Sandharrowed. Rescued from her holdout in the Hedge during the siege on Sweet Annie, Nesrine has now found a place in the freehold with Dread’s court. Though she is naturally skeptical and can occasionally be a bit stand-offish, she is loyal to the friends she has earned and always repays kindness. She currently works at Charlie’s bakery — Tip The Scales.
    Changelings nesrine s

Winter Court

  • Darah WhiteWinter Queen Elemental Manikin. Generally thought to be the leader of her court merely by virtue of her age, Darah takes a very hands-off approach to governance, spending most of her efforts in supporting Major Dread.
    Changelings darah02 s
  • Willow Mackennal – Fairest Treasured. Though blind, Willow has gained some degree of fame in Queen’s Bay for her amazing sculptures. She has a subdued but firm personality and has proven somewhat intimidating at times, especially to those trying to flirt with her roommate, Cora Burns.
    Changelings willow s
  • Cheerio – Wizened Gremlin. So-called “universal hacker.” Associates with the rest of the freehold primarily via Internet communication, but has been known to provide helpful information when requested.
    Changelings cheerio02 s
  • Esther Phillips – Wizened Artist. Kindly middle-aged woman who makes and sells jewelry. She is often seen among the freehold, but she is very easily overlooked and often forgotten. In fact, most don’t even remember who she is, though that apparently hasn’t bothered her yet.
  • Sean Goodman – Beast Swimmerskin. The youngest in the freehold, Sean was the son of Dread’s former right-hand man — Everett Goodman. Sean was taken into the hedge by the freehold’s own bogeyman — Sweet Annie — before Everett was killed. Sean is a quiet child and often somewhat morose.
    Changelings sean s

Spring Court

  • Sachiv KiranSpring King Fairest Dancer. A professor at the university, Sachiv is recognized for his good humor and ability to infect people around him with merriment. He is also a notorious and shameless flirt.
    Changelings sachiv s
  • Andrew Bacunawa – Wizened Gameplayer. Andrew owns and operates an Internet gaming cafe and happily admits anyone from the Concord in his establishment, regardless if they have obtained permission to cross into the University district. He is often seen among the freehold inviting elderly and children alike to any game they might like, making him equally proficient at chess and Pokemon.
  • Cora Burns – Elemental Fireheart. An aspiring poet and all-around sweetheart, everyone loves Cora. She is perhaps a bit innocent, but her roommate, Willow, keeps her from getting into too much trouble.
    Changelings cora s
  • Elena Chen – Darkling Nightsinger. Studies music at QBSU and regularly busks on Schofield Avenue when not performing with her band, Silk Road. One of the youngest in the freehold.

Summer Court

  • Two-Tail ThomasSummer King Beast Cleareyes. Thomas only spends half the year in the city — the other half is spent in the hedge, investigating possible ways to lay siege against the Gentry and keeping the things from the other side from endangering the freehold.
    Changelings thomas s
  • Joseph Blake – Ogre Troll. A big fan of lame jokes and his wife’s cooking. Hasn’t done anything violent at all since the Concord was formed. Married to Charlie Blake and adopted father of Sean Goodman.
    Changelings joe s
  • Charlie Blake – Beast Swimmerskin. Owns a popular bakery in the U District. Sarcastic, foul-mouthed, and not at all a pushover — she handles court business during the half of the year that Two-Tail Thomas isn’t around. Happily married to Joe and is the adopted mother of Sean Goodman.
    Changelings charlie s
  • Paloma Morales Guzman – Ogre Bloodbrute. Driven by a strong sense of justice, Paloma is in the police academy and studying criminal justice at QBSU. She is a very recent addition to the freehold and court, but eagerly carries her own weight.


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