Story Events

The Return of Sweet Annie

When the Summer King — Two-Tail Thomas — returned from his latest sojourn into the hedge, he was severely battered and carried a warning that goblin forces were marshaling under the banner of the nightmarish changeling, Sweet Annie. After recovering, Thomas broke with the normal pattern of insularity and made a call to the rest of the Concord for assistance in what could potentially prove to be the deadliest threat that the freehold had ever faced.

Fortunately for the changelings, the call did not go unheeded. The Summer Court returned to the hedge along with Jack Abraham, David Jameson, Nikolai Gorschov, Charity Priam, Christian Valmont, and Ivan — a golem constructed by Lily.

Though they were split up and the strange fae world proved to be difficult to navigate, they persevered and eventually defeated a murder spirit that had allied with Annie and Grimglider — Annie’s second-in-command — in addition to rescuing Nesrine Al-Bahri. After regrouping, they finally caught up with Annie and defeated her with a combined application of force and Sean Goodman’s blood — her only weakness.


Founding of Queen’s Bay

Though it had been a settlement during the Gold Rush, Queen’s Bay was officially founded as a township in 1856. Over the years, a number of other villages grew around it as it became a popular hub of commerce and they would eventually be folded into what became the city of Queen’s Bay before the start of the twentieth century.

Shadow War

1961 – 2006
While the various supernatural denizens of Queen’s Bay had been vying for stakes in the city since before it even had a name, the skirmishes escalated into a full-scale war by the early 1960s. No one recalls what precisely triggered it, but everyone at the time understood that things had changed. This was when each group concentrated into the territories that they claim to this day. While the supernatural population of Queen’s Bay had never been noteworthy, the casualties of the war certainly were.

The Concord

Following a succession of high-profile deaths over the course of a few short months, representatives from each supernatural faction met with one another to reach a cease-fire agreement and negotiate a truce. They did not arrive at the agreement easily, but finally the Concord was formed.


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