Earning Experience

Experience (XP) will not be issued according to game time as that is a somewhat nebulous element in PBP. Instead, it will be awarded for completion of Goals and Events as outlined here.

Goals are noteworthy tasks as recognized by the Storyteller that promote their PCs’ motivations in large or small ways. When a PC assumes a Goal, it will be recorded in the Goals section.

  • Minor Goals are simple, self-contained tasks that normally take only a scene to resolve. They should not be as innocuous as “Go to the bank and deposit a check,” however a trip to the bank may lead to being present for a robbery, which may then allow for Minor Goals like “Get out of this alive” or “Show these punks what happens when you point a gun in my face”. Completing a Minor Goal earns 1xp
  • Major Goals are complicated or extended tasks that usually need to be resolved with several scenes of effort over multiple days, often weeks or months. This could be something like “Gain controlling influence over the Queen’s Bay Police Department” or “Become the Kindred Prince of the city”. Major Goals should be defined with Supporting Goals. Completing a Major Goal earns 5xp
  • Supporting Goals are similar to Minor Goals in just about every sense. Their only difference is that Supporting Goals are tied to Major Goals, serving as stepping stones to the completion of the latter. An example of Supporting Goals for the Major Goal of “Become the Kindred Prince of the city” might be “Gain the favor of the Sanctified Primogen” and “Embarrass the Prince at his own party”. Completing a Supporting Goal earns 1xp

Events are story arcs that affect everyone, triggered by activities in the setting. Upon their completion, PCs involved in an Event will earn bonus XP on top of whatever XP they earn from the Goals that they had developed toward the resolution of the Event itself. When an Event has been triggered, it will appear in the Events section. Completing an Event earns 10xp


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