The city’s center of commerce, business, and vice. Downtown Queen’s Bay demonstrates the highs and lows of its city culture, symbolized equally by the skyscrapers and the meth labs. Anything can be found downtown at any time of the day or night, so long as one can pay the price. The Concord recognizes Downtown as mage territory.

  • The Grove – To the mortal population, The Grove is one of the most popular nightclubs in the city, as well as the most exclusive. To the inhuman community, however, it is the primary meeting place of the Concord and the nexus of the neutral zone. Owned and operated by Lily — downtown’s most powerful mage — The Grove is open to anyone of the Concord and has been free of violence since it was built. No one has yet dared to risk Lily’s ire.


The northern district of Queen’s Bay primarily caters to and is populated by the city’s more affluent citizens. Known for decades as Crownhaven, the area appears to be a cleaner reflection of downtown, but that is only the surface for corruption runs very deep. Most of the beachfront and resort property can be found along the coastal portion of Crownhaven. The Concord recognizes Crownhaven as vampire territory.

  • Rainwater’s – One of the most expensive restaurants in the city, this renowned and moody establishment also retains a rather large and posh speakeasy beneath the restaurant proper that serves as elysium for the Kindred of Crownhaven. Cat Savoy serves as master of elysium.

University District

Catering to a community of students, the University District is a prime spot for any manner of entertainment. While not as advanced as downtown, the neighborhoods surround “Qubey-Sue” are considered the most progressive parts of the city and are often the source of new trends in fashion, music, art, and technology that eventually make their way through the rest of the city in ripples. The street life is also a very unique and well-recognized part of Queen’s Bay culture, hosting any number of musicians, performance artists, impromptu rallies, street markets, or riots. The Concord recognizes the University District as changeling territory.

  • The Grierson House – A creepy old Victorian-style mansion that remained where it stood while the university’s property grew around it over the decades. It is privately owned by an account secretly managed by the changeling leaders and the house serves as the freehold’s primary meeting place. It has developed a reputation over the last hundred years as haunted, owned by a family of wealthy cannibals, or the dean’s secret sex den, and so students will occasionally dare themselves to investigate it. They are always frightened off by an unfathomable sense of dread.
  • Queen’s Bay State University – Queen’s Bay State University has stood as one of the city’s defining icons for over a century and remains a major influence on the attitude of its population. While education is only one of many concerns in Queen’s Bay, it is the constant renewal of fresh blood and new ideas that push the city towards progress.

Queensridge Forest

For more than eight decades, the forests east of Queen’s Bay have been protected as a nature preserve. Most of it is considered off-limits to the general public, but Redwood Park is a popular location for residents and tourists alike. Despite the friendly nature of the park, the rest of the forest often appears ominous and downright spooky to most folks. All anyone really knows about it is that trespassers are quickly caught and punished very harshly. No one ever hears about poachers except for when their bodies are recovered. The Concord recognizes Queensridge Forest as werewolf territory.

  • Redwood Park – Older than the nature preserve that surrounds it, Redwood Park was once the favorite social spot for Queen’s Bay’s more affluent citizenry. Since the mid-twentieth century, however, it has been open to the general public and while its wide variety of attractive flora and gothic-inspired structures have been much-loved by all, it has invariably become somewhat run-down. Private groups have sought funding to renew the park, but the recession has prompted such funds to be invested elsewhere for the time being.


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