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Blood Talons

  • Matthew “Feeds The Flames” AdamsAlpha Rahu. Captain of the local firefighter brigade, Matthew is loyal to his city, territory, and pack, but has no love for the Concord. He leads by example and strength, resisting the Silent Forest pack’s efforts to assimilate his group.
  • Robert "Road Less Traveled "Pine – Cahalith. The youngest of the rogue pack, though by no means uneducated. Robert is the heart of the rebellion and promises that the Concord will not last long if he has anything to say about it. Thus far, he has only offered talk, but no one expects that will remain so.
  • Socorro “Born In Death” Navarro – Irraka. Recognized as the most immediately dangerous individual in the rogue pack, Socorro keeps all interlopers out of her territory with her battlefield awareness and frighteningly keen shot with a hunting rifle.

Bone Shadows

  • Annabel “Broken Laughter” Lee – Ithaeur. Almost appallingly young for a werewolf at thirteen years old, Annabel is still part of her pack and has become a natural in the area of spirit lore, proving to have a voracious appetite for knowledge of the Shadow. She spends half of her time with the pack and the other half with her human family.

Hunters In Darkness

  • Martin “Never Sleeps” Dacoscas – Rahu. Among the werewolves, Martin is known for his keen senses and relentless pursuit of any who would trespass on his pack’s territory. Though he is arguably the most intimidating of his pack in a fight, he is a still a very shy young man when taking classes at the University (a privilege afforded to him thanks to an arrangement between the pack and the changelings).
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Iron Masters

  • Virgil “Iron Scales” Slade – Cahalith. The oldest living Uratha in Queen’s Bay, Virgil gives wisdom and experience to his pack, as well as a moral center and no shortage of fatherly advice. Though he has mellowed, much of the Concord remembers how difficult he was to put down in battle. Today, he provides the Concord with a system of balance for favors and renown, making him the face seen most representing the werewolves.
  • Charity “Law Bringer” Priam – Elodoth. As a juvenile probation officer working for the city government, Charity has earned ire from the concord from time to time as she has gone all over Queen’s Bay tracking down her clients. She has a very strong sense of justice and her conviction is uncompromising, even in the face of a clearly greater threat.
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Storm Lords

  • Kevin “Bright Ideas” GoldsteinAlpha Irraka. Kevin owns a rather simple sporting goods shop at the edge of downtown, but to his pack he is unquestionably their leader. Along with Virgil, Kevin survived the war before the Concord and does his best to ensure the alliance’s survival.
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Ghost Wolves

  • Josias “Gravedigger” Wolcroft – Rahu. Few know why Josias chose to leave the Silent Forest pack, but no one is willing to ask. One of the oldest werewolves in the city right behind Virgil, Josias disdains the pack’s politics, but does not actively oppose them like the rogue pack. For his neutrality, he is left to his side of the lake in peace.


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